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The Gainesville Times
Oct 15, 2004

dealing military equipment

Smith Transport & Logistics, which has offices in Gainesville and Marietta, has been awarded a contract bay a foreign company to handle shipments of used equipment from the U.S. to Europe.

Smith Transport & Logistics President Billy P. Smith said the $300,000 contract was awarded to his company by Commerce, b.v. of The Netherlands to arrange all U.S. inland trucking to east coast ports and then arrange shipping space on ocean vessels.

The initial shipment consists of 64 large surplus military trucks that will be loaded on a chartered vessel, the Laura Delmas, on Monday at a Savannah port for the company.

According to Smith, the third party logistics contract with Commerce is one of the largest single contracts for his form. "Our success working with this international project gives us confidence that we can continue expanding internationally," Smith said.

Smith Transport & Logistics began operation in October 2004 and the Gainesville office is located on Meriweather Circle.

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