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By Wainwright Jeffers
WALB News 10
Dec 17, 2009

dealing military equipment

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – A company that started decades ago in Albany is now doing multi-million dollar business deals internationally.

Leaders from Smith Consulting Group just returned from Uruguay in South America.

The company brokers deals between governments for surplus military equipment.

SGC secured a $10 million contract between Uruguay and Canada for more than one hundred armored personal carriers and 70 containers of spare parts.

"It's real gratifying that we can work with the U.N. and see on the evening news the vehicles that we have actually put together running up and down the roads in Darfur, Haiti, Congo or any of the other peace keeping missions around the world," said Billy P. Smith, SCG President & Managing Partner.

This was one of three shipments to Uruguay.

The military equipment be refurbished and used for United Nations peace keeping missions in the Congo and Haiti.

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