M927 6x6 5 Ton Military Trucks:

  • Year: August 2007
  • Client:
    Selling Client: United States DoD—Military Surplus Auction
    Buying Client: European Contractor—Private re-seller
  • Duration:: 7 months
  • Description: M35 6x6 Military Trucks & 5 ton 6x6 Military Trucks
  • Marketed/Sold: Brokered and sold 74 vehicles
  • Sales Volume: $740,000
  • Success: 100 percent of sales objectives PLUS SCG's sister firm, STL was awarded a $300,000 contract to handle project management including export preparation and international shipping, freight forwarding and documentation including export licenses.
  • Narrative: SCG has purchased and sold 74 6x6 trucks to be remanufactured used as is or to be scrapped down for spare parts. some of the best trucks were remanufactured and reconfigured for numerous applications such as water trucks, drill rig units, cargo carriers to mention a few.


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