The Austrian Multi-MSA Contract

  • Year:  1984-1988
  • Client
    • Selling Client:               The Austrian Government
    • Buying Client:                 The Philippines Government
    • Buying Client:                 The Chilean Government
  • Duration: 34 months
  • Description:  M35 6x6 Military Trucks and M5 High Speed Tracked Personnel Carriers
  • Marketed/Sold: 316 MSAs Marketed; 296 MSAs sold.
  • Sales Volume: $13.15 Million
  • Success: Filled 100% of The Philippines Army requirements. Filled 100% of the Chilean Army requirements.  
  • Narrative: The Group began a worldwide sourcing effort in order to fulfill an order for The Philippines Army in 1984. These MSAs were sourced from the Austrian Government. THE GROUP purchased 276 M35 Military Cargo 6x6 trucks. Included in this spread of Military Surplus Assets (MSAs) were 40 M5 High Speed Military Tracked Vehicles. These trucks were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the USA to be remanufactured. The trucks were remanufactured and re-powered with Cummins diesel engines and equipped with 14 foot cargo beds. The sale of these trucks to The Philippines Army totaled $12.1 million. The M5s were also shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility for refurbishment for a sale to the Chilean government.  Twenty (20) M5 vehicles were sold for a total of $700k.  In addition to the vehicle sales, the salvaged parts from the poorest machines were offered for sale to use as spare parts for the purchased vehicles, thus generating an additional $304K in sales.  The total sales were $1.04 million. The sale of the 6x6 military cargo trucks and the M5s bring the total sales generated from this project to $13.15 million.  

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