Miller Brewing Company Contract:

1989: This Company faced a unique situation involving their spare parts storage facility. This department was responsible for maintenance and repairs for the entire plant. Throughout the 1980’s they continue to stock this department with multiple replacement parts in order to always insure parts availability. In 1989 it was determined that Miller Brewing would dispose of over $3 million in excess spare parts in order to make room for new upgrades. Due to the tight schedule and the age of the new parts involved, Miller Brewing considered simply throwing these parts in the landfill in order to complete the process in a short period of time. Smith Consulting was brought in to consider other options. The solution offered by Smith Consulting was to remove the spare parts to a storage building on the property. From this building, Smith Consulting, marketed and resold the entire lot of parts to other similar industries resulting in sales of over $300,000. This joint effort demonstrated the benefits of “reutilization” when properly managed. In addition, the savings to the environment by not dumping tons of salvageable material benefited Miller’s EPA program.

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