NASA Gemini Demolition Contract:

1969-1971: This project was a joint venture with the founder of the Smith family business—at the time known as Smith Surplus & Metal Company Inc. and Perry Equipment, Inc. in Philadelphia, PN. NASA was dismantling the Gemini Space Program which was replaced by the APPOLO Space Program. The contract required the total dismantling of the entire liquid oxygen plant. The two firms carefully dismantled the 12 story faculty and salvaged reusable components such as valves, fittings, pipe, tanks and cylinders. What was not salvable was scrapped for the copper content, stainless steel and scrap iron. The cornerstone of the project was five 90 feet long storage tank cylinders. These tanks originally stored the liquid oxygen. Texaco purchased the tanks for fuel storage for $350K. The project covered every type of dismantling technique, from blasting to torching and “head ache” ball.

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