Ongoing M35 6x6 2 ½ Ton and 5 Ton Military Trucks:

  • Year: August 1991-Present
  • Client:
    Selling Client: Multi Government Sources
    Buying Client: Multi Government Agencies
    Buying Client: Multi Private Industries
    Buying Client: Farming Industries
    Buying Client: Powerline Utilities
    Buying Client: Pipeline Utilities
  • Duration: 20 years
  • Description: M35 6x6 Military Trucks & 5 ton 6x6 Military Trucks.
  • Marketed/Sold: in the 100s; Sold in the 1000s
  • Sales Volume: $15 Million+
  • Success: ongoing and continues to be focus of marketing efforts
  • Narrative: SCG has purchased and sold 100s M35 Military Cargo 6x6 trucks and many variants of the 5 ton 6x6 trucks from various governments and state agencies around the world. These trucks were shipped to clients in the USA and around the world to be remanufactured used as is or to be scrapped down for spare parts. Hundreds of the best trucks were remanufactured and reconfigured for numerous applications such as water trucks, drill rig units, cargo carriers to mention a few. Many of these trucks were custom rebuilt and re-powered with Cummins diesel engines and others rebuilt to original government specs. The remaining trucks were stripped down for spare parts. It is impossible to tell for certain but the cumulative sale of the trucks since the inception of this project is likely to exceed $15million to date.


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