Saudi Arabia Contract

  • Year:  August 1991-1994
  • Client
    • Selling Client: The Austrian Government
    • Buying Client: Saudi Arabian Government
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Description:  M35 6x6 Military Trucks
  • Marketed/Sold: 125 Marketed; 100 Sold
  • Sales Volume: $9.2 Million
  • Success: Filled 100% of Saudi’s purchase order, AND added substantial spare parts to its inventory. 
  • Narrative: A joint effort demonstrating the cooperation among the Group’s members occurred in 1991 when THE GROUP purchased 125 M35 Military Cargo 6x6 trucks from the Austrian government. These trucks were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the USA to be remanufactured for the Saudi Arabian government. One hundred (100) of the best trucks were remanufactured and reconfigured with commercial 4000 gallon water tanks. These trucks were custom rebuilt and re-powered with Cummins diesel engines. The sale of these trucks to the Saudi Arabian Government totaled $9.2 million. The remaining trucks were stripped down for spare parts.

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