Swiss Bren Carrier Contract:

  • Year:  1976-1979
  • Client:
    • Selling Client:         The Swiss Army
    • Buying Client:         U.S. State Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Description: Model T16 (APC) Universal Bren Carrier
  • Marketed/Sold: 250 marketed/110 Sold
  • Sales Volume: $2.36 Million
  • Success: Filled niche for state law enforcement.
  • Narrative: In 1976, THE GROUP acquired 250 Bren Universal Carriers, Model T16 from the Swiss Army for an acquisition cost of $760K. The Bren carriers were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the U.S.  THE GROUP transformed and remanufactured these units, then marketed the rugged APCs-tracked personnel carrier as urban police vehicles which were sold to U.S. State Government law enforcement. The Bren Carriers sales totaled $1.5 million. In addition to the vehicle sales, the salvaged parts from the poorest machines were offered for sale as spare parts for the purchased vehicles, thus generating an additional $860K in sales. Total deal sales were $2.36 million.

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