United States DRMO-Europe Contract:

  • Year:  1983-1986
  • Client:
    • Selling Client:         U.S. DRMO-European Region
    • Buying Client:         Mexican Army
    • Buying Client:         Brazilian Armed Forces
    • Buying Client:         Venezuelan Government
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Description:  7 ½ Ton NO Mack Military 6x6 Trucks; M139 5 ton LWB Cargo Trucks; 6-Ton White 6x6 Military Truck Tractors.
  • Marketed/Sold: 110 Trucks marketed/90 sold
    • Balances were not suitable for government sales and were salvaged for parts producing value added to THE GROUP’s inventory.
  • Sales Volume: $2.25 Million
  • Success: Filled Mexican Army order, filled Brazilian Army order and the Venezuelan Government order.
  • Narrative: THE GROUP acquired 25 Mack Model NO 7 ½ ton 6x6 trucks from a United States military installation through DRMO in Italy. These trucks were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the U.S. for remanufacturing and re-powering with the Cummins diesel engine. These trucks were sold to the Mexican Army for $43K each for a total sale of $1.075 Million. In this same project THE GROUP acquired 40 M139 LWB 5 Ton 6x6 Military Cargo Trucks from a U.S. military installation in Germany.  Twenty (20) of these trucks were sold to the Brazilian Armed Forces for $22K each—the balance was unsuitable for government sales. Total sale to Brazil was $440,000. This same project also included 35 6‑ton White 6x6 trucks acquired in France. These were sold to the Venezuelan Government for $21K each for an additional sale totaling $735K.

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