Department of National Defense of Canada Contract:

  • Year:  2006-2010
  • Client: DND Canada 
    • Selling Client:                Canadian
    • Buying Client:                Uruguay            
    • Buying Client:                Chile
    • Buying Client:                UK
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Description


    500 units


    50 units


    12 units


    14 units

    AVGP Crew Gunnery Trainer (Simulator)

    20 units

    AVGP Grizzly


    AVGP Spare Support Parts

    98 units

    05 units

    60 sea containers

    AVGP Cougar

    30 units

    Detroit 6v53 engines for the M113 (w/out containers)

    130 units

    Transmissions for the M113

    150 units

    Transfer cases for the M113

    300 units

    Differentials for the M113

    300 units

  • Sales Volume: $20 Million
  • Success: We consider this project one of the most successful in our history.  Its been the most innovative contracts we have handled.
  • Narrative: The Public Works and Government Services awarded SCG a four year contract to exclusively re-market the Department of National Defense’s military surplus assets (MSAs). This contract consists of Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) such as the numerous variants of the M113. In addition the contract includes Armored Vehicle General Purpose (AVGP) which consists of the Grizzly, Cougar and Husky, as well as the M548, M578, and over 80 sea container loads of spare parts.

    Most of the M113s were located in the Montreal area, which is why the Group positioned its Canadian office in that area. Other assets are situated at other military installations throughout Canada. Many were on location on existing missions around the world until being declared surplus. This unique contract arrangement allow for world wide marketing of the Crowns assets without any costs until the assets are actually sold.
  • Highlight: In this project Canada had over 100 AVGP Grizzly vehicles on a UN peace keeping mission in Sudan.  SCG was able to negotiate a deal that allowed for the vehicles to be sold and shipped directly from Sudan to the buying government.  This saved considerable expense and allowed the vehicles to reach the buying government 1 year sooner that they would have if the vehicles had been returned to Canada.


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