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SCG was in the recycling business way before it was fashionable. We have seen great benefits in asset reutilization for decades. Our firm designs reuitilization plans with the most practical methods for recovery, marketing, and disposal of excess or obsolete items.  Success in past projects shows we have knowledge of the product (your excess or obsolete items), we understand the buyer, and are able to provide your product in a way that is consistent with their needs. The proper management of your surplus property will maximize your revenue potential, and effectively reduce your current overall disposal costs.




Department of National Defense of Canada Contract:

  • Year:  2006-2010
  • Client: DND Canada 
    • Selling Client:                Canadian
    • Buying Client:                Uruguay            
    • Buying Client:                Chile
    • Buying Client:                UK
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Description


    500 units


    50 units


    12 units


    14 units

    AVGP Crew Gunnery Trainer (Simulator)

    20 units

    AVGP Grizzly


    AVGP Spare Support Parts

    98 units

    05 units

    60 sea containers

    AVGP Cougar

    30 units

    Detroit 6v53 engines for the M113 (w/out containers)

    130 units

    Transmissions for the M113

    150 units

    Transfer cases for the M113

    300 units

    Differentials for the M113

    300 units

  • Sales Volume: $20 Million
  • SuccessWe consider this project one of the most successful in our history. It has been the most innovative contracts we have handled.
  • Narrative: The Public Works and Government Services awarded a four year contract to exclusively re-market the Department of National Defense’s military surplus assets (MSAs). This contract consists of Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) such as the numerous variants of the M113. In addition, the contract includes Armored Vehicle General Purpose (AVGP) which consists of the Grizzley, Cougar and Husky, as well as the M548, M578, and over 80 sea container loads of spare support parts.

    Most of the M113s were located in the Montreal area, which is why the Group positioned its Canadian office in that area. Other assets are situated at other military installations throughout Canada. Many were on location on existing missions around the world until being declared surplus. This unique contract arrangement allow for world wide marketing of the Crowns assets without any costs until the assets are actually sold.
  • HighlightIn this project Canada had over 100 AVGP Grizzly vehicles on a UN peace keeping mission in Sudan. SCG was able to negotiate a deal that allowed for the vehicles to be sold and shipped directly from Sudan to the buying government. This saved considerable expense and allowed the vehicles to reach the buying government 1 year sooner that they would have if the vehicles had been returned to Canada.

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Saudi Arabia Contract

  • Year:  August 1991-1994
  • Client
    • Selling Client: The Austrian Government
    • Buying Client: Saudi Arabian Government
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Description:  M35 6x6 Military Trucks
  • Marketed/Sold: 125 Marketed; 100 Sold
  • Sales Volume: $9.2 Million
  • Success: Filled 100% of Saudi’s purchase order, AND added substantial spare parts to its inventory. 
  • Narrative: A joint effort demonstrating the cooperation among the Group’s members occurred in 1991 when THE GROUP purchased 125 M35 Military Cargo 6x6 trucks from the Austrian government. These trucks were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the USA to be remanufactured for the Saudi Arabian government. One hundred (100) of the best trucks were remanufactured and reconfigured with commercial 4000 gallon water tanks. These trucks were custom rebuilt and re-powered with Cummins diesel engines. The sale of these trucks to the Saudi Arabian Government totaled $9.2 million. The remaining trucks were stripped down for spare parts.

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Miller Brewing Company Contract:

1989: This Company faced a unique situation involving their spare parts storage facility. This department was responsible for maintenance and repairs for the entire plant. Throughout the 1980’s they continue to stock this department with multiple replacement parts in order to always insure parts availability. In 1989 it was determined that Miller Brewing would dispose of over $3 million in excess spare parts in order to make room for new upgrades. Due to the tight schedule and the age of the new parts involved, Miller Brewing considered simply throwing these parts in the landfill in order to complete the process in a short period of time. Smith Consulting was brought in to consider other options. The solution offered by Smith Consulting was to remove the spare parts to a storage building on the property. From this building, Smith Consulting, marketed and resold the entire lot of parts to other similar industries resulting in sales of over $300,000. This joint effort demonstrated the benefits of “reutilization” when properly managed. In addition, the savings to the environment by not dumping tons of salvageable material benefited Miller’s EPA program.

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The Austrian Multi-MSA Contract

  • Year:  1984-1988
  • Client
    • Selling Client:               The Austrian Government
    • Buying Client:                 The Philippines Government
    • Buying Client:                 The Chilean Government
  • Duration: 34 months
  • Description:  M35 6x6 Military Trucks and M5 High Speed Tracked Personnel Carriers
  • Marketed/Sold: 316 MSAs Marketed; 296 MSAs sold.
  • Sales Volume: $13.15 Million
  • Success: Filled 100% of The Philippines Army requirements. Filled 100% of the Chilean Army requirements.  
  • Narrative: The Group began a worldwide sourcing effort in order to fulfill an order for The Philippines Army in 1984. These MSAs were sourced from the Austrian Government. THE GROUP purchased 276 M35 Military Cargo 6x6 trucks. Included in this spread of Military Surplus Assets (MSAs) were 40 M5 High Speed Military Tracked Vehicles. These trucks were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the USA to be remanufactured. The trucks were remanufactured and re-powered with Cummins diesel engines and equipped with 14 foot cargo beds. The sale of these trucks to The Philippines Army totaled $12.1 million. The M5s were also shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility for refurbishment for a sale to the Chilean government.  Twenty (20) M5 vehicles were sold for a total of $700k.  In addition to the vehicle sales, the salvaged parts from the poorest machines were offered for sale to use as spare parts for the purchased vehicles, thus generating an additional $304K in sales.  The total sales were $1.04 million. The sale of the 6x6 military cargo trucks and the M5s bring the total sales generated from this project to $13.15 million.  

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United States DRMO-Europe Contract:

  • Year:  1983-1986
  • Client:
    • Selling Client:         U.S. DRMO-European Region
    • Buying Client:         Mexican Army
    • Buying Client:         Brazilian Armed Forces
    • Buying Client:         Venezuelan Government
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Description:  7 ½ Ton NO Mack Military 6x6 Trucks; M139 5 ton LWB Cargo Trucks; 6-Ton White 6x6 Military Truck Tractors.
  • Marketed/Sold: 110 Trucks marketed/90 sold
    • Balances were not suitable for government sales and were salvaged for parts producing value added to THE GROUP’s inventory.
  • Sales Volume: $2.25 Million
  • Success: Filled Mexican Army order, filled Brazilian Army order and the Venezuelan Government order.
  • Narrative: THE GROUP acquired 25 Mack Model NO 7 ½ ton 6x6 trucks from a United States military installation through DRMO in Italy. These trucks were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the U.S. for remanufacturing and re-powering with the Cummins diesel engine. These trucks were sold to the Mexican Army for $43K each for a total sale of $1.075 Million. In this same project THE GROUP acquired 40 M139 LWB 5 Ton 6x6 Military Cargo Trucks from a U.S. military installation in Germany.  Twenty (20) of these trucks were sold to the Brazilian Armed Forces for $22K each—the balance was unsuitable for government sales. Total sale to Brazil was $440,000. This same project also included 35 6‑ton White 6x6 trucks acquired in France. These were sold to the Venezuelan Government for $21K each for an additional sale totaling $735K.

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Firestone Tire and Rubber Contract

1983-1985: When Firestone discontinued operations in the Albany, GA plant, Smith Surplus was contracted as one of the seven prime contractors involved in the closing down of the plant. Smith Surplus primary role involved dismantling and salvaging components related to the conveyer systems through the plant. In addition Smith Surplus sub-contracted with other prime contractors to provide dismantling and salvaging services.

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Portuguese Sherman Tank Contract:

1982: The Group acquired another spread of MSAs from the Portuguese Government which included 125 Sherman Tanks, M4s, and the 25‑Pounder—originally manufactured in Montreal. All of the equipment was too old and outdated for military use. THE GROUP moved these units to its Augusta facility. The best of these units were sold to at an average price $11,000.

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Swiss Government Term Contract

  • Year:  1977-1981
  • Client:
    • Selling Client:         The Swiss Army
    • Buying Client:         The Philippines Army
    • Buying Client:         The Chilean Government
    • Buying Client:         The Mexican Army
    • Buying Client:         U.S. State Forestry Department
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Description: Jeeps, Dodge Weapons Carriers, M75 Armored Carriers and GMC Military Cargo 6x6 Trucks
  • Marketed/Sold: 357 Jeeps marketed/357 sold to Philippine Army; 85 M75s marketed, 65 sold to U.S. State Governments; 200 GMC 6x6s marketed, 30 sold to Chilean Government and 35 to the Mexican Government.
  • Sales Volume: $3.66  Million
  • Success: Filled Philippines sale, filled Chilean order, Mexican order and filled fire fighting niche sale to U.S state government.
  • Narrative: In 1984-1985, THE GROUP acquired in a lump sump deal a spread of MSAs from the Swiss Army. The Swiss Army is known for its superior maintenance program, so these vehicles were in good condition. The deal included 200 GMC 6x6 cargo trucks, 357 military jeeps, 300 Dodge Weapons Carriers and 85 M75 Armored Personnel Carriers. This deal was co-ventured with Smith Consulting.  The lot of jeeps was immediately resold as-is to the Philippine Government. SCG arranged shipping and THE GROUP sent technicians to the Philippines to assist the Philippine Army in preparing the jeeps for service. THE GROUP staff trained the Philippine Army in the determination process in order to salvage parts from the jeeps in the worst condition in order to maintain a parts supply for the jeeps in better condition.  The deal generated sales revenue of $1.6 million. The M75 (APC) armored personnel carriers were refitted and sold to U.S. state government agencies for fire fighting equipment. These sales generated $1.35 million. An associate in Chile assisted by arranging a sale to the Chilean Armed Forces for 30 GMC 6x6 in as is condition for $8500 each—Total as-is Sale to Chile was $225K. The Mexican Army purchased 35 remanufactured GMC 6x6 at $13,800 each for a total sale to Mexico of $483K. Combined, the sales to the Philippines, Chile, Mexico, and U.S. state government agencies totaled $3.66 million.

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Swiss Bren Carrier Contract:

  • Year:  1976-1979
  • Client:
    • Selling Client:         The Swiss Army
    • Buying Client:         U.S. State Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Description: Model T16 (APC) Universal Bren Carrier
  • Marketed/Sold: 250 marketed/110 Sold
  • Sales Volume: $2.36 Million
  • Success: Filled niche for state law enforcement.
  • Narrative: In 1976, THE GROUP acquired 250 Bren Universal Carriers, Model T16 from the Swiss Army for an acquisition cost of $760K. The Bren carriers were shipped to the Group’s Augusta facility in the U.S.  THE GROUP transformed and remanufactured these units, then marketed the rugged APCs-tracked personnel carrier as urban police vehicles which were sold to U.S. State Government law enforcement. The Bren Carriers sales totaled $1.5 million. In addition to the vehicle sales, the salvaged parts from the poorest machines were offered for sale as spare parts for the purchased vehicles, thus generating an additional $860K in sales. Total deal sales were $2.36 million.

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NASA Gemini Demolition Contract:

1969-1971: This project was a joint venture with the founder of the Smith family business—at the time known as Smith Surplus & Metal Company Inc. and Perry Equipment, Inc. in Philadelphia, PN. NASA was dismantling the Gemini Space Program which was replaced by the APPOLO Space Program. The contract required the total dismantling of the entire liquid oxygen plant. The two firms carefully dismantled the 12 story faculty and salvaged reusable components such as valves, fittings, pipe, tanks and cylinders. What was not salvable was scrapped for the copper content, stainless steel and scrap iron. The cornerstone of the project was five 90 feet long storage tank cylinders. These tanks originally stored the liquid oxygen. Texaco purchased the tanks for fuel storage for $350K. The project covered every type of dismantling technique, from blasting to torching and “head ache” ball.

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